Release Date: Dec 3 2016

    DiNicola’s fifth EP is her fourth collaboration with producer Julian Coryell (Alanis Morissette, Aimee Mann, Leonard Cohen, Jewel) and is by far her most exceptional release to date. Written at a time when DiNicola was at her most vulnerable, Love + Destruction guides us through the long and tumultuous journey of falling in love and watching that love fall apart.

    "(DiNicola's) singing and music put me in heaven."
    Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder
  • Wake Up


    When DiNicola teamed up, again, with Producer Julian Coryell (Alanis Morissette, Aimee Mann, Leonard Cohen, Jewel) to record a new single last year, no one expected the two would emerge with a 6 track EP. This newest collection of boldly creative songs takes a sophisticated and wildly exciting turn from DiNicola’s previous releases. Wake Up features the emotionally resonant lyrics that has endeared DiNicola to fans and critics alike, paired with melodies that are so undeniably catchy they will echo in your head… and heart for days.

    "DiNicola has spun magic from her heart through her lips to create songs that are larger than mere words and music."
    Allen Foster, AXS
  • Some Greener Yard

    EP 2013

    DiNicola’s most ambitious project, thus far. Produced by acclaimed producer/musician Julian Coryell (Aimee Mann, Leonard Cohen, Jewel, Alanis Morissette), Some Greener Yard combines the rocking sound of DiNicola’s debut EP with the vocal range of her follow-up, Draw Back Your Bow. Vast electric guitar excursions meet gentle ballads in an upbeat and accessible way. Both of which, perfectly demonstrate the different sides of DiNicola at her most vulnerable with soaring crystalline vocals. This superb collection of original work intriguingly flaunts the artist’s growth.

    " 5 Stars! An outstanding collection... certain to be appreciated by audiences worldwide."
    Russell Elliot- Musical Discoveries
  • Draw Back Your Bow

    EP 2011

    Produced by acclaimed producer/musician Julian Coryell (Aimee Mann, Leonard Cohen, Jewel, Alanis Morissette), Draw Back Your Bow, is a brilliant collection of cover songs full of fresh surprises and satisfying inevitabilities. Compelling arrangements support Leslie’s warm and sensual voice throughout the album, while her tour de force vocals move flawlessly from vulnerable and polished strokes into raw and empowering slaps. With every song, Leslie defies your expectations and puts a spell on your heart.

    "DiNicola makes Separate Ways sound more like her own song than Journey's"
    Julie Flanders -October Project
  • It Resembles Fiction

    EP 2010

    Leslie DiNicola’s 5-track debut, It Resembles Fiction, is a notable showcase of compelling and personal songwriting that matches her effortless powerhouse vocals. Produced by Ellis Traver (Diane Birch, Fischerspooner, Sean Lennon, Mark Ronson), It Resembles Fiction is an upbeat collection of inherent hope against life’s sorrow that you can sing along with… and want to.

    "One of the most exciting debuts I've been lucky enough to come across this year."
    Aaron Joy -Roman Midnight Music